Drayage Services happen here

Transloading your containers
from the port to your chosen destination.

Accurate Transport handles your port drayage needs from
pickup at the port to final delivery, covering everything in between.

Drayage service is the transportation of freight from the port to a destination.
Most commonly used for short transports.
Such as the first leg of your container’s journey once it enters the port.


Accurate Transport Drayage Trucking
Means Utilizing Our

ltl shippers

Container Yards

logistics trucking




We start the journey with you ensuring
your container drayage is handled correctly up to the very last leg of the shipping journey.

Port Drayage involves a short trip from the port to your first destination. It covers your first-mile journey. It sounds insignificant, but it’s an integral part of the journey and a complicated one.

Accurate Transport, with its fleet of trucks, pulls into the port. From there it’s a process of getting the container onto the chassis because containers are stacked in the port like building blocks. Your container is one of the thousands that are uploaded at the same time. This is part of intermodal transport when your container is hauled off the ship.

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An oversized cargo ship enters the port, and each container is unloaded using gantry cranes connecting to the container’s corners. Each container is loaded onto terminal tractors/shunt trucks/yard trucks that bring your container into the storage yard.

From there, each container is unloaded by a stacker crane that piles them up like playing blocks in the port yard.

Port drayage transports your container cargo from ocean ports to your destination using technologically advanced trucking companies. It’s the first part of the container’s journey and a short trip. However, it’s a complicated and essential part of the journey.

It’s the only way to transfer your goods between intermodal ports or terminals and the next leg of a shipment’s transportation journey. It involves specialized trucks attached to a chassis and trained workers to handle getting your container out of the yard properly and safely to its first destination.

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With steadily rising costs, it’s imperative to keep expenses at a minimum. One way to achieve this is by returning the containers to the port as soon as possible. Accurate Transport efficiently offloads your container drayage, returning it to the port.

This is made possible because of Accurate Transport-owned chassis and Accurate Transport-owned trucks. No need to wait for a chassis to become available. We own it, have it, and are ready to pick up your container from the port.

Our container yards, warehouses, and terminals can easily offload containers based on your shipping requirements.

Need to store a container?
Container Yards will hold your container for you avoiding demurrage fees.

Want to transload your container?
Terminals strategically located along the East Coast enables you to transload your container and continue your shipping journey.

Want to unload your container?
Our temperature-controlled warehouses allow you to store, pack, and ship your products.


With Accurate Transport you aren’t limited with your container drayage options. Wherever your container is along the East Coast, we can help. We currently serve New York and New Jersey ports with expansion into the ports in Houston, TXNewark (New York, New Jersey)Baltimore, MDSavannah, GAPhiladelphia, PA; and Boston, MA.

Your products are secure since it doesn’t pass multiple transport and logistic companies. Accurate Transport offers multitudes of transport services providing you with the best options to transport your goods up to the last mile delivery.

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With an Accurate-owned chassis, your shipping problems are resolved.



Chassis are available at your call. No need to wait for availability.

logistics trucking


We handle the entire shipment journey preventing miscommunication.

ltl shippers


Experienced workers handle your cargo with great care limiting damage.



Containers are picked up on time from the port, making room for more containers.