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Less than a truckload is when you need to ship products but need more to fill an entire truck.

You can wait to fill a whole truck for an undetermined amount of time, and at that point, who said your product will still sell?

Or you can pay for an entire trailer when you’re using only a small portion of the truck.

Both options are not viable since you’re bound to lose money, leaving you with virtually no reason to continue doing business.

LTL trucking (less than a truckload) is the solution for you. It’s a logistics trucking service where you have the option of loading a single pallet onto a truck for transportation and delivery.

LTL shippers allow you to move more products, for more customers, at a quicker rate. That goes without saying that it’s more affordable than waiting to fill a whole truckload.

How does LTL Shipping work?

The trucking carrier will coordinate with several customers who need LTL freight service. The LTL freight carrier will fill up the truck with goods from multiple vendors and transport them to their rightful destination.

The logistics comprise partial truckloads from various companies that fill an entire trailer and deliver the goods to multiple locations.

With LTL freight carriers, you share the burden and cost of transporting goods. It’s a no-brainer solution for all involved parties.

What are the benefits of LTL Freight?

  1. Cost

Lower your freight shipping cost and automatically increase your profit margins. 

Using LTL shippers reduces your cost in various ways.

Combining shipments from multiple vendors minimizes the cost of shipping your pallet(s).

Efficiently moving your goods without waiting to accumulate a truckload enables you to move stock and sell more.

Most importantly, you’re not paying for what you’re not using.

With LTL freight shipping, you don’t pay for the empty space in the trailer and all the costs involved in transport. Such as, fuel, tolls, taxes, etc.


Accurate Transport doesn’t only offer LTL freight services. We don’t only move your product. We are a logistics company so depending where you need to move your goods, Accurate Transport will bring them home for you.

You can store it at any of our warehouses, temperature controlled distribution centers, deliver it for last mile delivery, transload it at our terminals, and more.


LTL Freight operates on a per pallet basis. Meaning, you can only ship pallets. Products are securely placed and wrapped adequately as opposed to less tightly and expertly packed. This means that your goods are safe and less likely to be damaged during transit.

  1. Tracking

When you utilize LTL freight services, you get access to the carrier’s tracking technology installed on all their trucks.

  • Keep track of where your shipments are up to at all times. 
  • Stay informed if there are unforeseen shipping delays.
  • Keep your customers informed of when to expect their products.

What to consider when booking LTL Freight services?

A couple of things to remember when hiring an LTL logistics trucking company.

These factors will determine the cost of your specific transport.


How many miles do your goods need to travel for it to get to their destination?


Not all shipments are created equal.

Sometimes you need to ship fragile items that need to be appropriately handled. This includes and isn’t limited to items like perishables, delicate items, or things that need to be transported and delivered with specific requirements.

Is your shipment a home delivery, something that needs a liftgate, or possibly something that requires special equipment to complete the transport?


Moving bulky or heavy items will determine the cost of shipping.

Items that weigh less or take up less space will fall into a different freight class than items that weigh more or take up lots of space.

Shipping is confusing. There are so many factors to consider, and how do you even determine the best options for your company?

Accurate Transport, with its many services, can help you with all your shipping needs.

Not sure what you need in terms of shipping, transportation, and logistics?

Reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to eliminate any confusion.

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